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Server & Security

The security of your data is our top priority - both in terms of archiving and processing. That's why we choose Microsoft Azure Germany as one of the leading cloud service providers worldwide for our server selection.

With snaatch, you comply with all current legal guidelines regarding data protection. Your data is therefore stored and processed exclusively on servers in Germany.
The security of your data is our top priority. That's why we are an official Microsoft partner and use the ISO-certified Microsoft Azure servers with a reliability of 99.98%. Of course, your data is stored encrypted with SSL. In addition, benefit from a team of over 3,500 cybersecurity experts who work daily to protect your data and resources.

Upload options

Drag & Drop Upload
Save yourself cumbersome upload processes! With snaatch you can easily upload single files or entire folder structures to your account by drag & drop. This gives you the possibility to keep your already existing folder structure from your desktop.
FTP Upload
When it comes to uploading larger amounts of data, the so-called File Transfer Protocol is the optimal solution. For this reason you can easily and securely upload data to your snaatch account using an FTP program and access already existing data.
With the help of our exclusive LiveUpload function, you can upload image and video material directly from your photo or video camera into your account. You can easily select the respective target folder in the app beforehand. Changing the destination folder can be done within seconds.
External Upload
If you expect files from external business partners or suppliers, give them a personalized ExternalUpload page. Via this link, data can be uploaded directly to your account without granting access to your content.
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Are you tired of discussing changes to a file on the phone, by mail or Excel sheet? With snaatch, complicated coordination sessions are a thing of the past. With our user-friendly comment and review mode, you can easily mark corresponding image or video areas with a sketch tool and add comments and change requests. Short, iterative feedback cycles enable rapid consideration of customer wishes and agile teamwork at the highest level.

Labels create structure & order

With the help of our customizable labels you can color-code folders as well as individual files and thus create structure. This way you always keep the overview. Use the labels e.g. as follows:

Always the right version

With snaatch you keep track of all your file versions. The transparent version history lists all drafts in chronological order, allowing you to quickly find, edit, release or download the version you need. This guarantees that you always have the right file at hand. Not sure which image or video draft is better? From now on, our intelligent comparison function supports you in your decision-making process. Even the smallest differences can be quickly identified in detail by simply placing images or videos next to or on top of each other.

Online IPTC Editing

Avoid copyright conflicts! With our IPTC editor you can store and view all necessary background information for a media file online. This way you ensure that image rights are respected. You work with images every day and have to edit them in large quantities? With the help of our IPTC power mode, this is even possible in the form of batch processing and with the option of individual IPTC templates - after all, time is money.

Previews of your media

Since we know how precious your time is, we have worked out the possibility of a preview for the most common file formats. This allows you to get a first impression of the content of your assets already in the overview. Currently the preview is available for the following file formats:

Presentation/Media Portal

Do you want to share your files with your team, your business partners or with the press in a particularly appealing form? Create a professional presentation website or a comprehensive media portal in just a few steps. Personalize your brand presence with your company's corporate design and individual URL. If required, of course, also with password protection, individual release duration or a restriction of the download function. To increase your effectiveness, save your designs as templates and easily reapply them to other projects with just one click.


Do you want to make files available for download to your business partners? Use our intuitive DirectDownload function. Just enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients and click on "send". Of course, you can also set a time limit for the download or password protect it.

snaatch to snaatch

Both you and your business partner use snaatch? This makes sharing a breeze. Simply share individual files or folders with other snaatch users. The recipient then confirms receipt of the files and selects the appropriate storage location. This allows your business partner to continue working independently with the transferred content.


You want to share a large number of files without storing them in your snaatch account? Then use our integrated file transfer service traansfer. This function allows you to send any files to one or more recipients. The transferred files are then available for the recipient to download for four weeks and are then automatically deleted.

Customize Download

You want to provide your business partners with different formats and file sizes of images and videos? In the future, upload only the original file and leave the decision about the right format to your customers. They can choose the desired size and the required format themselves during the download.

Support & Development

Two important points that should not be underestimated when choosing the right digital asset management system are the support and the further development of the system.

Customer service is a top priority at snaatch. In addition to an onboarding event (optionally bookable for corporate packages), we provide our UserGuide in PDF format. Furthermore, we offer an extensive FAQ section (frequently asked questions). There, all functions are explained to you with the help of step-by-step instructions or videos. In addition, our support is available to you by e-mail. With our service package Pro & Platinum (optionally bookable for corporate packages), we are also available to answer your questions by phone.
snaatch was initially founded in 2019 as an image database. Since then, a lot has happened. We owe this, among other things, to strong partners from business and the public sector. In addition to the Munich Security Conference, these include the Hellabrunn Zoo and the Munich Olympic Park. Our motivated team of developers always lives by the motto: "Can't do, won't do." That's why snaatch is getting better day by day and is getting new, important features month by month. Become part of this success story and make snaatch your digital asset management system.